MopurĀ® is a production process that uses different flour combinations (wheat and chickpeas or wheat and lupins). The sourdough is the protagonist of the production process as it supplies outstanding characteristics: distinctive flavour and aroma, a unique texture. Made from different flours and water acidified from a complex of yeasts and lactic bacteria, the mixture activates a natural fermentation. This process, in the rest phase of the dough, generates a series of biological processes, that triggers the fermentation that becomes the fundamental and most characterising phase in the entire production process.


Different substances are developed during fermentation that determine the aroma, shelf life and, more importantly, give the product a good taste. These particular phases of the production process confer to all the Vegiredi products the characteristic nutritional and aromatic properties.The result of the biological development of the dough requires a longer fermentation period, but it generates products with outstanding organoleptic characteristics.

In particular, we obtain:

  • a distinctive flavour and aroma;
  • a unique texture;
  • excellent slicing;
  • longer shelf life.

These feature offer incredibly nutritional benefits and make Vegiredi a nutritional, light, versatile dish ideal for all!


A perfect balance of flavours and colors deriving from plant properties, without binders, colouring and preservatives. All products are natural, plant-based and absolutely without animal proteins.

The entire range is characterised by a high protein content of approximately 30% and has less than 9% of fat, and thus represents an excellent nutrition source for those who choose to follow a vegetarian lifestyle or who simply want to enjoy a real meat alternative.


Chickpeas are a great source of plant-based proteins, with a protein content reaching 19%. These legumes offer a range of health benefits and their nutrition is a potent package of protein, vitamins, fibres and minerals.

They are one of the oldest consumed crops in the world and remain one of the most popular even today. Chickpeas are still included in the traditional diets of many populations living around the world, including those eating traditional cuisines that stem from the Middle East, the Mediterranean region and African nations too. In Italy, they are widely grown in Liguria, Tuscany, Umbria regions and eaten almost everywhere, as for example in regional dishes like farinata and polenta-like panissa, in soups or combined with pasta.


Lupins have been today revaluated thanks to their extraordinary properties. These legumes offer a high content of countless advantageous nutrition, which makes them very nourishing. They contain fibres and proteins and thus represent a good meat alternative. Their nutritional profile includes omega-3 and omega-6, fatty acids that are important in a healthy and balanced diet. Characterised by a low sugar content, they are an ideal alternative also for diabetes.

Lupins are generally found always cooked and preserved in brine, ready to be eaten. We can find lupin flour and lupin-based mild, suitable to people allergic or intolerant to lactose or milk proteins. These legumes are very versatile and can suit many different recipes.